Ready to monetize your blog?

Learn 6 ways that work. 

Did you know?

  • Online business is a REAL opportunity for dietitians and wellness professionals.


  • Private practice isn’t the only option for entrepreneurship.


  • There are dietitians making GOOD MONEY online without seeing a single client 1:1.


  • Need proof? Over the last year, I’ve made $160,308 from the strategies I’m teaching in this course.

I’m here to show you how!

Online business is a whole new world.

One that we didn’t learn about in school.

It feels exciting but overwhelming.

Where do you even start???

You need a blogging business plan!


There are 6 common ways to make money blogging:


  1. Affiliate income
  2. Ad revenue
  3. Sponsored content
  4. Digital goods
  5. Online courses
  6. Membership sites

This course will take you from confused to confident.

By the end of the course you will understand: 


Exactly how each monetization strategy works.

How to get started (including the tech!)

How much $$$ you can realistically expect to make.

At what stage of business to start implementing each method.

Exact strategies for getting great results (so you don’t waste your time).


You will learn 6

passive income strategies:

Divided into 6 lessons:

lesson 1 affiliate income

Make money by recommending OTHER people’s products and earning a commission.

lesson 2 ad revenue

If you get at least 25,000 website visitors per month, you can earn good money by displaying ads on your site.

lesson 3 sponsored content

Get paid upfront by brands to create content featuring their products.

lesson 4 digital goods

Sell e-books, handouts, or other digital goods for a wonderful passive income stream.

lesson 5 online courses

Create online courses that help your audience learn from you at a more affordable price point.

lesson 6 membership sites

Create exclusive content only available for monthly or annual paying members.

Lesson 1 Table of Contents

lesson 1 details

Lesson 2 Table of Contents

lesson 2 details

Lesson 3 Table of Contents

lesson 3 details

Lesson 4 Table of Contents

lesson 4 details

Lesson 5 Table of Contents

lesson 5 details

lesson 5 details part 2 


Lesson 6 Table of Contents

lesson 6 details

lesson 6 details part 2


BONUS - Running Your Own Affiliate Program

bonus lesson details

Plus some awesome bonuses:

Recorded office hour calls.

Listen to 6 hours of recorded Q&A from students.  

Private Facebook community to ask questions and get feedback from me and your peers.

I’m constantly in the group interacting with people, so you’ll have tons of support!

Plus earn 23 CEUs! 

Check out what our students have to say:

Make Money Blogging is the BEST course ever!

It is possible to make money as a dietitian online. A crap load of money if you do it right. 😉

I was able to make back the money I spent on the course in just four months.

This course is worth every penny!

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Got a few more questions? Let’s dig in!

Should I already have a blog or website before joining?

While not required, it would definitely help! You’ll get results the fastest if you have a website to implement the strategies on, but you can totally learn before doing if that is a better fit for you. Everyone is welcome!

Is this actionable advice?

Yes!!! This is NOT just a summary of ways you can make money online. You will receive actionable, step by step guidance, to help you implement these strategies in your own business.

Is this a good fit for private practice dietitians?

If you wish to expand your revenue streams and create passive income, then this is the place for you! We will cover all sorts of strategies for creating income without trading your time directly for dollars. However, if you ONLY want to build a virtual private practice and see clients 1:1, that will NOT be covered within this course.

How long will I have access to the content?

Forever! Once you have paid in full, you will have access to the material and any future versions for as long as they exist.

Will I have direct access to Erica?

In a group setting, yes! Erica is always available in the private Facebook community to answer member questions.

Do I have to use WordPress to get value out of the courses?

While many of the strategies are easiest to implement on a self-hosted WordPress website, we will review other options like Wix, Squarespace, and course creation platforms as well.

Are there CEUs available?

Yes! This course is approved for 23 self-study CEUs.

Do I need to have an audience first?

Having an engaged audience is the foundation of any online business.

If you DON’T have a group of people who sincerely follow and engage with you, I recommend taking the SEO Made Simple course FIRST. 

That course will teach you how to create content that gets found online so that you can build a larger audience and be better able to implement the passive income strategies taught in this course. 

Of course, anyone is welcome, if you’d prefer to learn the ropes before implementing!

Who is this course for?


  • Dietitians or bloggers who want to build a full-fledged online business with multiple passive income streams.


  • Entrepreneurs who know their niche and (ideally) have an audience so that you can  implement and build successful income streams right away.


  • RDs who see clients 1:1 but are dying to move away from that model and create more passive income.


  • Anyone interested in learning about passive income sources, including online courses, membership site, ad revenue, sponsored posts, affiliate income and digital goods. 

Who is this course NOT for?


  • Dietitians who ONLY want to run a full-time private practice. We won’t be covering those topics in the courses!


  • Anyone looking for quick and easy ways to make money online. All of the tactics covered require consistent high-level action to see results.


  • Those who don’t like creating content. Most of the online business tactics discussed in these courses involve creating content. 


  • RDs who don’t yet know their niche or have an audience. Of course, you’re always welcome to join, but you probably won’t be ready to implement yet! I recommend taking the SEO Made Simple course first (it will help you build an audience online).

Still on the fence? This could be you!

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