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Here’s what you’ll learn:

3 Things to avoid

Learn the 3 things you’re probably doing  right now that are holding you back from getting a sh*t ton of traffic.

visibility Secrets

Finally understand how to get your website to show up at the top of the search results (for FREE!)

the 4 step framework

How to build a mega-popular website that brings your ideal reader or customer RIGHT to you (without being salesy.)

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Feel confident with easy wins:

Sarah went from 200 to 1,000 clicks per month after posting just 4 SEO optimized blog posts!

Eileen just had two blog posts make it onto the first page of the Google search results.

Sarah doubled her website traffic and qualified for Mediavine in 3 months.

KeyVion published a new SEO-optimized recipe and it ranked on the first page of Google!

And trust me, I get it.

Before understanding SEO, I food blogged for 2.5 years (!!!), posting 2x per week, and never got more than ~1,000 visits to my site from Google each month.

I had published over 150 recipes…. 

But 90% of them were not getting ANY visitors from Google search.

Quite frankly, it was disheartening.


I was spending 20+ hours per week on my blog & only making ~$30/month in ad revenue.


But once I learned about SEO, it finally clicked.

I launched a new nutrition blog, and within 10 months I was getting 20,000 visits per month from Google alone.

And the best part?

That was with only posting ONCE per month!!!

But I will never forget what it felt like to pour my heart and soul into my blog…

only to hear crickets.

That experience pushed me to develop a complete (and insanely effective) SEO system…

So that no one else has to go through the same needless pain and frustration.

Enter your name and email below and we will send your free training straight to your inbox!

Before joining this course, I had around 500 monthly visitors to my site and hadn’t a clue how to improve the numbers.

Fast forward just 18 months and I now exceed 25K. I’m thrilled!

This has meant more sales, more affiliate income, and brands approaching me to showcase their products. 

Sarah, The Children’s Nutritionist

My Google traffic more than doubled only weeks after finishing Erica’s SEO course and implementing just one new idea!

Her keyword research method got me to think differently than I had been thinking before and that opened up a huge wave of popular new content ideas.

Having more traffic increased my income after qualifying me for ads and increasing my affiliate sales!

 Bri, Frugal Minimalist Kitchen

I took this course before I even started my website. I wanted to make sure I set-up everything the right way so I wouldn’t waste time creating content no one would see.

Within 18 months my website went from brand new (no traffic) to 100,000 sessions per month! I knew it was possible, but to actually see the results of implementing the strategies I learned in SEO Made Simple has been amazing.

One of my favorite parts of enrolling in this course is the online community. You take the course once, but you have continued support from Erica and other bloggers in the community. It’s like the value never ends!

I cannot recommend this course enough!! If you are thinking of starting a blog, this course should be your first step.

You will not regret a dime you spent. The value is over the top and if you put in the work you will see phenomenal results!

 Katie, The Geriatric Dietitian

I had NO idea what I was doing on my blog before taking this course. No wonder it had no traffic!

This course teaches you how to do EVERYTHING to write great content and get traffic to your blog.

I was super impressed with all the information shared and how practical Erica made it. This is probably the most helpful course I have taken for my business this year.

I really enjoyed and highly recommend it to any dietitian wanting to run a successful blog. I anticipate this course will be worth its price many times over.

 Heather, Functional Nutrition Dietitian

Stop hiding. Get visible.
By growing your audience with SEO.