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  • Erica

    March 29, 2024 at 9:45 am

    It’s just one of the settings you can adjust for the sequence – you have two options:

    1) You can choose to have people STAY in the sequence when they reach the end. In this scenario, people will be waiting at the end of the sequence until you add more emails to the bottom of the sequence, which they would then receive.

    This is typically what you want to do if you are still manually building out the evergreen newsletter, otherwise, everyone would leave the sequence when you ran out of emails and you’d have to keep manually adding people back through when you added new content.


    2) You can choose to have people EXIT the sequence when they reach the end.

    This is what you’d probably want to do once you’ve added all of your evergreen emails to the sequence and it’s “done”.

    That way, once people have finished receiving your 12 months of emails (or whatever time frame you see fit), they will leave the evergreen newsletter automation and just receive your new stuff via your broadcasts.

    Example of the 2 options in the attached screenshot!

    Also happy to talk more about this during the next OH call, for sure!

    • This reply was modified 3 months, 2 weeks ago by  Erica.