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  • Erica

    March 18, 2024 at 7:47 am

    If you search the forum, a few weeks ago I left a pretty in-depth comment about the pros and cons of the Grow newsletter subscribe options. (The summary is that I personally don’t believe their sign-up forms are GDPR compliant, unless you’re just asking people to join your newsletter.)

    To get around that, you can use Grow for a simple newsletter opt-in embedded within your content + ConvertKit (or another provider) for any other types of forms you want to use.

    You also can just turn off the option to use Grow’s sign-up forms entirely.

    In the future, I will likely demo how to use a tool called Right Message that allows you to segment with surveys and create custom funnels for different segments of your audience. It’s a fab tool, but pricey ($99+/mo), so probably not worth it until you have something for sale to your audience that is consistently bringing in thousands of dollars per month in revenue. It’s not a separate email system though, it works *alongside* your ConvertKit account, so you’d still be using ConvertKit to manage your list and send emails.

    I don’t plan on talking about Flodesk or any other email service provider though. You may find that later on, once you’re trying to build out advanced sales funnels, that Flodesk isn’t powerful enough to do what you’re trying to do, so that would be a logical time to switch over to something like ConvertKit or Active Campaign, which can do more complex sales funnels.

    Hope that helps!

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