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  • Erica

    February 7, 2024 at 8:30 am

    Those are really popular blog topic for sure – lots of potential! I would pick one vertical to start, knowing that you can always expand later. But you’ll pick up traction faster by becoming an expert in 1 topic first.

    So, you could specifically do a breastfeeding nutrition blog, a pregnancy nutrition blog, or a baby/toddler feeding/recipe blog, but I wouldn’t try to put all of them on the same site (at least to start.)

    If you like to food blog, there is tonsss of interest in toddler-friendly recipes, picky eating, baby led weaning, etc. etc. (This dietitian is an incredible example – )

    There is also plenty of space to talk about breastfeeding or pregnancy nutrition as well, BUT those topics are more “YMYL” so tend to be a little harder to rank for. (But definitely not impossible.)

    Some people have had success getting even more specific, like vegan pregnancy nutrition or dairy-free recommendations for breastfeeding moms whose kids have CMPA.

    How niched you go will really depend on your monetization goals. If you want to attract a very specific person and sell something to them, then more niched down is typically better.

    If you want to go for ad revenue, then a slightly broader angle will probably help you find some higher volume keywords to rank for.

    Hope that helps!!