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  • Erica

    December 18, 2023 at 9:53 am

    This is exactly what I’m trying to help with with this membership! I would just follow along with the steps as they roll out. The upcoming January challenge is all about creating an engaging lead magnet to grow your list.

    The way I’m teaching it is sort of a lead magnet/welcome sequence combo (i.e. it’s not just a hey, here’s your freebie, bye, set-up, but rather a series of engaging emails that delivers value and excites people about being on your list.)

    If that sounds interesting to you, you can tweak your lead magnet to fit that strategy. If not, you can just keep what you have and work on improving your welcome sequence instead.

    This is how everything is rolling out inside EXPAND:

    Getting Started Strategies

    Step 1: Brainstorm (Released November ’23)

    • Think about WHO you are serving

    • WHAT problems you’re solving

    • HOW you want to solve them

    • WHY your business stands out

    Step 2: Research (Released December ’23)

    • Send a survey out to your audience to figure out WHO makes up the bulk of your current audience and WHAT their most pressing struggles/needs are.

    • Save that data for later.

    Step 3: Create a lead magnet (Coming Jan ’24)

    • Start with a high-value 5-day email course that repurposes content you already have

    • Should be related to the most common need your audience has & be aligned with a paid product or service you offer

    • Build the sequences inside ConvertKit

    Step 4: Set up opt-in forms (Coming Feb ’24)

    • Build optimized opt-in forms and set them up on your site

    • Create a “new subscriber” sequence in ConvertKit that organizes what happens to new subscribers as they join your list.

    Step 5: Start emailing people consistently

    • How to send broadcast emails

    • Add PS statements to all of your emails

  • How to create an evergreen newsletter

  • Re: your question – it’s really not an either-or thing, it’s BOTH! You want to grow your list while also optimizing the systems you have in place.

    I guess my next question would be… do you have a consistent way you’re selling to your list currently? Or at least a way you’re consistently nurturing them?

    You don’t want to stop working on growing your list, but if you’re growing it and doing nothing with it, then what’s the point, ya know? You need 3 things to succeed:

    1) A great lead magnet (and eventually you can add more)

    2) A consistent communication strategy (can be broadcast emails to start, then eventually create an evergreen newsletter system).

    3) A recurring pitching strategy (can also be done manually in the beginning, but once you feel good about your product and offer & you know it converts, you can automate it.)

    I will be teaching all 3 of these pieces in 2024, but the automated sales funnels will be toward the end of 2024.

    But honestly, you don’t need to rush it. Just keep improving what you’re doing one component at a time and over the year, you will have made a TON of progress!