Building an online business

just got a whole lot easier.

Is this you?

  • You’re a dietitian who wants to break out of the 1:1 client model and expand your business with multiple streams of passive income.


  • You love the idea of building a business online but feel overwhelmed by all the moving parts.


  • You’ve been blogging and creating content, but aren’t sure if you’re focusing on the right things.


  • You want to earn money online, but it feels like you’re throwing things against the wall and nothing sticks.


  • You sometimes feel like a tiny fish in a great big pond, and are struggling to find your “people” and be seen.


  • Above all, you crave a life of flexibility and freedom so you can have more time for the things that matter.

Oh hey, that was me too!

And that’s why I created this community.

There’s no need to struggle alone.

And there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

We can learn from each other!

Introducing The Unconventional RD Business Bootcamp!


3 kick-ass courses for dietitians who want guidance and support in building a successful online business.


Enrollment is now open!


How does it work?


  • Enroll in one of our courses and gain access to online trainings and support from your peers.
  • We’re NOT just throwing more information at you. (Cause there’s already enough of that on the internet, right??)
  • We want to help you TAKE STRATEGIC ACTION and actually move the needle in your business.
  • We’ve got step-by-step guidance, screen sharing tutorials, and advice from other RDs who have DONE IT!

Our three courses:

Learn how to create content that ranks well in Google. 

(Cause better rankings  = more traffic, more eyeballs on your brand, more fans, and more customers!) Available now for self-study.

Your step-by-step guide to making money on your website.

(Learn about all the options available so you can fast-track your way to success!) Live round in progress – Registration closed until July 2019.

Create email funnels to convert customers automatically.

(Learn how to use ConvertKit and Mailchimp to automate your emails.) Available September 18th, 2019.

Click on each course to learn more. 




Get all 3 in the Business Bootcamp Bundle:

Get all 3 at a discount!

(Each course will be available as it comes out – see dates above.)

Enroll now to take your business to the next level!

Founder of The Unconventional RD

I went from making just $500/year after 7 YEARS of non-strategic food blogging, to earning $62,000 in passive income during the 1st two years of running a membership site (The Functional Nutrition Library) and two niche blogs (The Unconventional RD and Functional Nutrition Answers)


And that’s without spending a dime on advertising. 100% grassroots!


I’ve learned so so much about online business over the last 9 years (mostly by trying and failing a few times), and I just can’t keep it to myself anymore!


I’ve been feeling an undeniably strong pull to create something MORE helpful for you guys than just the free Unconventional RD Facebook Community.


I mean, that’s great and all, but how much BETTER would it be to have a clear roadmap to guide you along the process of building a profitable online business??


And access to myself and other experts to answer your questions?


And a community of peers to celebrate each step with?


If this sounds like a great fit for you, I’d love to have you in my courses!


Let’s collaborate, learn, grow, and become badass business mavens together!

Got a few more questions? Let’s dig in!

Should I already have a website before joining?

While not required, it would definitely help! Our courses are most effective if you have a website to implement the strategies on, but you can totally learn before doing if that is a better fit for you. Everyone is welcome!

Is this a good fit for private practice dietitians?

If you wish to expand your revenue streams and create passive income, then this is the place for you! We will cover all sorts of strategies for creating income without trading your time directly for dollars. However, if you ONLY want to build a virtual private practice and see clients 1:1, that will NOT be covered within these courses.

How long will I have access to the content?

Forever! Once you have paid in full for any course, you will have access to the material and any future versions for as long as they exist.

Will I have direct access to Erica?

In a group setting, yes! Erica is always available in the private Facebook community to answer member questions and anytime a live round of a course takes place, she also holds weekly office hours to answer questions.

Do I have to use WordPress to get value out of the courses?

While many of the strategies are easiest to implement on a self-hosted WordPress website, we will review other options like Wix and Squarespace as well. Just be aware that not all strategies are applicable to non-Wordpress websites. 

Are there CEUs available?

Yes! The SEO Made Simple course has been approved for 15 CEUs. The other upcoming courses do not have CEUs yet, but likely will in the future.

Who is the bootcamp for?


  • Dietitians or bloggers who want to transform their hobby blog into a full-fledged business.


  • Entrepreneurs (new or experienced) who are ready to jump in and build an online business.


  • RDs who see clients 1:1 but are dying to move away from that model and create more passive income.


  • Anyone interested in passive income sources, including online courses, membership site, ad revenue, sponsored posts, affiliate income and more.

Who is the bootcamp NOT for?


  • Dietitians who ONLY want to run a full-time private practice. We won’t be covering those topics in the courses!


  • Anyone looking for quick and easy ways to make money online. All of the tactics covered require months or years of consistent high-level action to see results.


  • Those who don’t like creating content. Most of the online business tactics discussed in these courses involve creating content (be it blog posts, courses, social media content, etc.) so it’s important that you enjoy creating in some form, be it writing, film, or audio! (Or at least have a plan for hiring out this part!)

Can’t wait to work with you!

Learn SEO at The Unconventional RD Business Bootcamp Jan 2019